Applying Digital Labor and Digital Intelligence to the Business
Digitizing the business involves using the new kids on the block: digital labor and digital intelligence. Where one automates rote work processes, the other automates faster decision-making that then transforms work processes. Digitizing the business takes place through these two new methods of automating the physical world and transforming the business. Starting with digital labor and digital intelligence technologies are short paths to failure. Instead, ISG’s research says start with the customer experience and the customer journey, and work backwards from this end-state to automate the work processes and decision-making necessary to deliver market-beating customer experience. The enterprise relies on its systems of record. These are the sources of truth upon which all business processes rely and operate: they are the systems of record for the business. Systems of record store information, process it, catalog it, organize and present it for all levels of the enterprise, customers and suppliers. The...
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  • Applying Digital Labor and Digital Intelligence to the Business
    • Summary and Key Takeaway
    • Perspective
    • Impact & Guidance
    • Associated Insights