Briefing Notes - Microsoft’s Kaizala for Mobile Social Collaboration
Microsoft has formally launched its new “Kaizala” mobile messaging chat app and service designed for large group communications and work management. The offering targets enterprises that have a mobile-first strategy and which want to increase mobile workforce productivity. Kaizala has been initially launched only in India, with a free version for individual users and a professional version for enterprises. Key Takeaways: Kaizala is really useful for enterprise clients that are not only emphasizing mobile connectivity and productivity, but which also standardize on Office365 as a productivity suite. Early Kaizala adopters include clients from diverse industries including banking, government, and entertainment in India, where the application was first introduced. We see the offering as suitable for digital workplace clients in our “digital archetype” client category. Microsoft needs to clarify the distinctions among its various social collaboration products and create a niche for Kaizala.  Microsoft invited ISG analysts for a briefing about...
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  • Briefing Notes - Microsoft’s Kaizala for Mobile Social Collaboration
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