Briefing Notes – Aricent Grabs the Long Tail of the IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) is nascent, and needs new products to meet the emerging requirements and expand.  Aricent tackles that challenge building on its 25-year heritage of designing and engineering solutions for companies in telecommunications, networking, and semiconductors. Key Takeaway: The IoT plays into Aricent’s core capabilities, helping the company get traction in the newer markets for wearables, connected vehicles, and smart Infrastructure. Future success for Aricent depends on its ability to manage the diversity of requirements while continuing to leverage its core design and engineering competencies.
ISG’s Vishnu Andhare, Chenbin Chen, Ron Exler, and Sumit Sadhukhan participated in a discussion with Aricent’s Walid Negm, Chief Technology Officer; Harish Kumar, AVP Technology, Semiconductor and Embedded IoT; and Hitesh Pandya, AVP Technology, Industrial IoT. The session focused on how Aricent addresses the IoT, with specific focus on how the company approaches IoT product design and development with its services.    
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