Briefing Notes – Blue Prism Defining the RPA Market
As the originator of the industry-shaping term “robotic process automation,” Blue Prism may appear to have been an overnight success story. However, this software company has been working in the trenches for more than 16 years to re-define the business process automation market and make itself the go-to technology vendor for deploying software-based robots to automate back-office processes. But based on our recent briefing, it’s clear the company (and an increasing number of competitors) sees a much bigger endgame: to be the de facto “execution platform” for the emerging digital workforce.
Blue Prism was formed in 2001 by a group of business process subject-matter experts focused on operational automation in the financial services industry. In 2012, the group industrialized its software and deemed it ready for large enterprises to use as a tool to automate, at scale, the bevy of rules-based processes that dominate much of the day for support function...
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