Briefing Notes – HCL Makes Digital Business Headway
In November 2016, ISG Insights examined HCL’s “Mode 1-2-3” growth strategy, which includes three services groups within HCL running at dissimilar paces, and with focus areas varying from traditional system integration to creating IP by developing new products and platforms. Over the past year HCL has made considerable progress in its Digital business (which is the core part of its Mode 2), reporting 30 percent revenue growth. Riding a design-first modern application development mindset that is complemented by a go-to-market strategy that is well thought out, HCL has been able to successfully demystify and break through the enterprise digital space. The company provided ISG with an update on these and other efforts during its recent analyst day in Sydney.
HCL recently surveyed more than 350 C-level executives to identify typical digital adoption challenges. Leading challenges presented during the analyst day include the following:
Those results map closely to what ISG has been...
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