Briefing Notes – Illusive Networks and Deceptions Everywhere
Although just now emerging amidst the normal chaos of cybersecurity media coverage, digital deception is finding adherents everywhere it is being tried. The reason why: it simply works. Digital deception immediately identifies cyber-attackers and their malware, bottling these into virtual traps, while putting the enterprise back in charge of securing its digital assets. One of the providers making all the right moves in this new cybersecurity software category is Illusive Networks, whose strategy to place its deceptions everywhere is gaining headway in the market.
ISG was recently briefed by Illusive Networks to obtain an update on the company’s progress since our last briefing with the company in March 2016. For those not familiar with Illusive Networks or what the company does, it delivers agentless digital deception software – and through its business partners, managed deception services, both of which lure, trap and keep hackers and advanced malware contained and navigating through...
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