Briefing Notes – vArmour and Security for Software Defined Datacenters
The Distributed Security System (DSS) from vArmour protects access to containerized and virtualized datacenter workloads, and detects malware and attacks on these same workloads with the use of digital deception. In addition to securing access to these workloads, distributed software security fabrics such as the DSS are better positioned to meet the critical operating needs of the modern software defined datacenter than appliance firewalls, virtualized firewalls, or native micro-segmentation.
Key takeaway: vArmour’s DSS software will thrive as enterprise migrations and re-platforms of application workloads to software defined datacenters continue to drive spending on IT. ISG expects providers of on-premises software fabrics for securing software defined hybrid datacenter workloads – vArmour included – will be delivered as services as the market inexorably shifts to “Security-as-a-Service.”
We were briefed recently by vArmour Networks, Inc. about the company, its products, its partners and the company’s focus. We spoke with Eva Tsai, the CMO and VP...
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