Briefing Notes – Wipro’s Cybersecurity and GRC Strategy and Services
Two significant assets that Wipro often brings to client engagements are 1) cybersecurity and 2) governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services. The bulk of Wipro’s cybersecurity and GRC business is currently in traditional outsourced managed services and systems integration projects. However, ISG expects these will shift over time as Wipro positions itself and its customers to take advantage of security as a service, security outsourcing delivered via the Cloud, and transformational advisory, consulting and delivery services for digital security. More important than how Wipro delivers its services is what Wipro will be delivering as it migrates its clients from yesterday’s choke-point security perimeters to more pervasive forms of digital cybersecurity-as-a-service.
ISG was recently briefed by Wipro Limited about its cybersecurity and risk services. We met with Murali Rao the General Manager and Global Head of consulting, alliances and ventures for cybersecurity, Bharat Shetty the Practice Head for security intelligence, analytics and...
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