Cloud Attitudes Indicate IT Organizational Profile
Analysis of responses from multiple surveys and ongoing discussions with enterprise IT and business executives have provided clear indications of two broad categories of enterprise IT organizations: those driven by constrained or shrinking budgets, and those less constrained by budgets. Each category has its own criteria for evaluating and implementing transformation of its IT infrastructure and organizational structure. Key factors that identify the two categories of IT organizations include the top business benefits expected of SaaS / cloud-based offerings, and the top concerns about adopting a cloud-based offering. Understanding the attributes of the IT organization provides insights into current and future investments and directions and mitigates some of the challenges in planning and management for enterprise IT leaders. The categories also provide guidance for marketing strategies for providers of cloud-based offerings and related services. ISG engagements and ongoing research provide a continuous stream of information and insight into how, and...
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  • Cloud Attitudes Indicate IT Organizational Profile
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