Core Development as a Competitive Advantage via ADM Outsourcing
In just a few short years, application outsourcing has evolved from traditional development practices into highly disruptive, agile-based operating models giving rise to what we call the “enabling digital” enterprise buyer. These buyers are very customer-centric companies that are trying to create a competitive advantage, enabled through emerging technologies. These buyers can either be mature outsourcers or digitally born companies with multi-channel customer touch points. For these companies, software is a primary medium of rendering services. Rather than reducing costs, they are focused on generating more revenues, through the use of IT. ISG has observed that the link between ADM outsourcing and business revenue is becoming much stronger.  As a result, there is a surge in the adoption of new pricing models where the service provider fee is directly linked to the business outcome. Our ISG Insights Index™ Report: ADM Services not only profiles these buyers and their needs, it...
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  • Core Development as a Competitive Advantage via ADM Outsourcing
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