Energy Connects and Corrects Using the IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting objects and people via computer networks, usually the Internet. But the energy industries are responsible for critical infrastructure, and therefore have low tolerance for risk. Connectivity is either avoided or very cautiously added with numerous recovery and fail-safe controls to mitigate risk. It results in conservative adoption cycles for innovative technologies due to regulatory reviews for safety, risk, and political approvals of capital expense recovery proposals. The results can be impressive, whether through the new uses of smart grid technologies that enable fault detection, preventive maintenance, or improved efficiency. Yet it’s about much more than the technology - energy producers and deliverers will need to go through cultural shifts to realize full business benefit.
The goal of the IoT is to connect people and objects within an always-on ecosystem to improve outcomes – better experiences and improved efficiencies. The IoT combines the physical and...
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  • Energy Connects and Corrects Using the IoT
    • Summary and Key Takeaway
    • Perspective
    • Impact and Guidance
    • Associated Insights