H-1B, Digital Transformation, and ISG’s Vision
What is Happening?
The U.S. H-1B visa lottery just opened and closed in record time. In 2007, this annual program allowing companies to bring specialized foreign workers into the United States took 39 days to fill its 85,000-person quota. In 2017, it took less than five full days. But next year – and the years to follow – may well run a different course. The new U.S. administration made it clear that it would reform the H-1B visa program. Though no legislative changes have been made to date, executive action that may signal what is to come is in progress. This includes the following: The result is rapidly escalating uncertainty about the availability and cost of tech resources – especially resources critical to the development and growth of the IT industry – and about the ability of user enterprises and IT providers to compete in the emerging digital economy. Some U.S.
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  • H-1B, Digital Transformation, and ISG’s Vision
    • Why is it Happening?
    • Impact