ISG Automation Index™ - April 2017
A research report for ISG Insights™ subscription research clients
Talk of automation is everywhere. It’s hard not to encounter an opinion piece about how automation will fundamentally change the nature of knowledge work. What’s missing in the majority of these conversations is what is actually happening today. The ISG Automation Index™ fills that gap. By analyzing ISG-advised IT services contracts and robotic process automation (RPA) adoption trends, the Automation Index uses a data-backed approach to look more closely at how automation is changing IT and business services. In nearly every scenario we analyzed, increased productivity through task automation stands out as the most important change – not job loss. Humans are working alongside software robots, be they virtual agents or engineers, to increase their ability to take more customer calls, resolve more service desk tickets and process more invoices. This improved productivity is seeing important downstream effects, including increasing operational speed and...
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  • ISG Automation Index™ - April 2017