IT Leaders Underestimating Rapid Rise of RPA
According to our most recent digital platform survey, one-third of IT leaders plan to deploy or have deployed robotic process automation (RPA) within their companies. However, in our work with business and process leaders, we see much higher rates of planned and actual RPA adoption, indicating a potential disconnect between IT and business users. This Leadership Insight analyzes what’s driving the rapid rise of RPA as well as the growing disconnect between IT and business units when RPA “bots” enter the workforce.
For more than two decades, business support leaders have streamlined, eliminated and outsourced processes in a quest to improve quality and reduce costs. Oftentimes, offshore labor arbitrage was combined with one or more of these steps to take out additional cost and increase global coverage. Although these steps have paid significant dividends, business pressure — spawned recently by a wave a digital transformation — has put even more pressure...
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  • IT Leaders Underestimating Rapid Rise of RPA
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