Machine Learning and the Rise of Systems of Intelligence
You would need to be hiding under a rock to not have noticed the recent rise in popularity of the term “machine learning.” This statistical method, which consists of using computers to build complex and sensitive predictive algorithms, underpins much of what today is being billed as artificial intelligence. While machine learning has been around in various forms for many decades, improved access to computational power in the cloud – as well as the application of machine learning capabilities by large internet companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook to improve recommendations, searches and content filtering – have made it top-of-mind for businesses engaged in Digital Transformation. Depending on how it is applied, enterprises can use machine learning to improve targeting and interacting with customers, to better automate tedious tasks in back-office processes or to help model and avoid financial risk – a very flexible tool indeed. Source: Google Trends...
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Table of Contents
  • Machine Learning and the Rise of Systems of Intelligence
    • What is Happening?
    • Why is it Happening?
    • Market Impact