New Report Provides Infrastructure Costing Methodology and Considerations
Enterprise IT leaders project dramatic transformations of their IT infrastructures toward cloud-based offerings. Formal ISG research indicates that over 30 percent of enterprise workloads will move to the public cloud by 2020 and interactions with ISG client executives indicates an even higher percentage.
As explained in a new Leadership Report for subscription research and advisory clients, operational cost is key to determining the best infrastructure for any workload. However, calculating operational costs in a public cloud environment is still challenging. For example, costs in the public cloud are based on usage, while costs for in-house infrastructure are based on assets and labor.
In response to this need, we have developed the ISG Insights Cloud Comparison Index Infrastructure Cost Analysis Methodology & Considerations report, which provides detailed explanations of a methodology and considerations for comparing the costs of a workload running in-house against the prices for the same workload running in the public cloud.
Despite increasing expectations...
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  • New Report Provides Infrastructure Costing Methodology and Considerations
    • What is Happening?
    • Why is it Happening?
    • Net Impact