Profits, Partnerships and Intelligent Automation
A few days ago we held our 59th quarterly global and EMEA ISG Index™ calls. It’s an incredibly exciting time to study the trends that are fundamentally changing the technology and business services industries. This quarter we discussed the impact of intelligent automation on service providers – especially those with large offshore footprints.  
It’s no surprise our industry is undergoing a massive change as we witness the once-in-a-generation transformation from a physical to a digital economy. And, while much of the focus inside enterprises has been on digitizing the front office, companies are starting to shift their focus to the heavy lifting of digitizing the middle and back office. This includes thousands of systems and processes, all screaming to be refactored and digitized. The work required to wrench these legacy systems and processes into the digital world should be good news for ITO and BPO providers. Ed Caso, managing director...
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  • Profits, Partnerships and Intelligent Automation
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