SDDC 2017 - Moving Toward Automation and Cost Reductions
Little more than five years after its first market splash, we see more than 50 vendors/providers offering software-defined data center (SDDC) solutions- with the list growing rapidly. Mega- and hyper-scale providers of cloud and data center services such as Amazon, Google, and the Open Compute project( to name but a few) already employ SDDC concepts and technologies. As cost-to-scale ratios continue to improve,  compelling argument is made for more enterprises to replace expensive, proprietary hardware with software-driven technology that is centrally managed, is adaptable/flexible to changing business, user and client needs, can be updated and patched automatically, enhances security, reduces CapEx and OpEx, and can even be paid for as a service. Such a siren song soon becomes almost impossible to resist.
While virtualization and cloud outsourcing reshape data center operations, enabling enterprises to deploy or cloud-allocate affordable servers that can be pooled and allocated to shifting application demands, the transformation...
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  • SDDC 2017 - Moving Toward Automation and Cost Reductions
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