Service Desk: Philosophy Before Skills and Solutions
Many IT support inquiries to the service desk today never make it to an agent, because the user is directed to a series of self-help resources and automated channels that can resolve the issue without ever involving the service desk staff. That’s a far cry from a few years ago, when a high percentage of service desk interactions involved calling IT support staff for help with a password reset. Today’s multichannel, highly automated service desk requires different skills to staff effectively, which has been a challenge. Before organizations can effectively identify, develop or contract for the service desk staff skills they need, they must first establish the service desk role.
As simple call types are being shifted left, users are also increasingly self-solving – either through formal processes (for example by using company IT social media pages, automated password reset tools, company FAQs) or through informal channels (such as Google, asking...
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  • Service Desk: Philosophy Before Skills and Solutions
    • Summary and Key Takeaway
    • Perspective
    • Impact and Guidance
    • Associated Insights