Sowing Digital Pumpkins with Mindtree
Mindtree’s newest digital innovation center warrants a visit from U.S.-based ISG clients interested in engaging a mid-sized provider that combines the next-generation application development expertise with a mature user experience transformation capability. We recently spent a day with Mindtree at the launch of the “Digital Pumpkin”, its second innovation hub, and first in the U.S. Mindtree’s first Pumpkin opened in Bangalore, India, in 2016. See ISG analysts Ashish Chaturvedi’s and Jan Erik Aase’s point of view here. While Mindtree’s concept of creating a dedicated site to incubate innovation for clients has not changed since our last note, it does appear that Mindtree’s thinking around the pillars of what it means to digitally transform – and what its role is in helping enterprise clients – has evolved. According to Mindtree, their renewed digital value proposition focuses on: In essence, Mindtree wants to be the “anchor partner” for all of its clients’...
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