Telecom Carriers Want to Carry the IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) relies on extensive networks to connect the multitudes of distributed sensors and other devices. In the U.S., nationwide wireless/mobile networks supported by robust landline infrastructure are available to carry IoT traffic - especially over longer distances. Recent announcements reflect plans for the IoT by large telecommunications carriers include the following:
In the U.S., these three large companies, with Sprint, direct if not control the direction and nature of mobile infrastructure and interaction. As each strives to expand its revenues via services over their own networks, the IoT is a natural play. But the IoT is nascent with many obstacles, and the ecosystem is complex, as are the mixes of networking technologies these carriers employ. For example: While wireless carriers have standardized on 4G LTE technology, the LTE bands used by each retain incompatibilities. This adds to the challenges faced by those needing to configure, manage and...
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  • Telecom Carriers Want to Carry the IoT