Twelve Important Value Metrics for Indoor Location Determination
A Digital Business must make decisions about how it approaches locating people and assets indoors. But the methods and technologies are not all created equal. So Digital Business leaders must make trade-offs for their applications, deployment schedules, and budgets. Since indoors is not a one-size-fits-all environment, enterprises need to start with clear objectives including the metrics most important to succeed.
We’re all familiar with using maps on our smartphones to find places. The technology for the outdoor positioning uses a chip in the phones. That chip uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) a network of satellites developed for military positioning uses. For consumers, originally embedded in mobile phones only for emergency purposes, a variety of GPS chips and the data they provide are widely used in mobile phones, vehicles, sensors, and elsewhere. Those chips and data are readily available as standard components to device app developers. But GPS generally fails indoors,...
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  • Twelve Important Value Metrics for Indoor Location Determination
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