Understanding SDN Connectivity Assurance
IT executives need to think about how SDN models and technology will impact their enterprises, and be aware of how SDN can assist in assuring connectivity. Service providers of all types need to be aware of the critical needs in connectivity assurance within their SDN offerings. This research note lists some of the most important items that should be taken into consideration during that decision and planning process.
The evolving use of software-defined networks (SDNs) focuses upon improving integration, automation, orchestration, and connectivity of networks, as well as management of network resources and processes. Heavily supported and increasingly promoted by major service providers (SPs), carriers and cloud service providers (CSPs), as well as network equipment providers (NEPs), SDN enables enterprises to more easily, efficiently, and securely respond to changing business and technological environments while reducing vendor/provider dependence.
Enterprise network performance is becoming more and more critical in the age of IoT. Networks...
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Table of Contents
  • Understanding SDN Connectivity Assurance
    • Summary & Key Insight
    • Perspective
    • Impact and Guidance
    • Associated Insights