Vocabulary vs. Grammar - Can "Intelligent" IT Systems Really "Learn?"
My colleagues and I have had a really good conversation going of late on the topic of self-learning systems. Specifically, can the IT operations systems being adopted by nearly every ITO provider (think Arago and IPSoft) actually learn, as service providers claim they can? And if they can learn, why does it matter to IT operations leaders?  
Recently, I’ve begun pushing back on the term "self-learning," because I think it’s misleading. My sense from enterprise IT buyers is that they assume intelligent automation systems acquire knowledge by themselves – i.e., that they "learn." If this were the case, it would be the Holy Grail of IT operations: a system that learns how and when to solve problems would mean that service desk and L1/L2 staff would have to focus on only the really complicated stuff. I think we’re beginning to see this kind of capability, but the term “learning” needs...
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  • Vocabulary vs. Grammar - Can "Intelligent" IT Systems Really "Learn?"