What is LIDAR, and Why Does It Matter to Business?
This week a little-known Israeli startup Oryx Vision made news as it landed an additional $50 million in investment for its LIDAR technologies. Meanwhile, a company you have heard of, Intel, via its Mobileye company said it will start building a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles for testing in the United States, Israel and Europe – with LIDAR as a central component. But what is LIDAR (often written as LiDAR) and why does it matter? LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing technique that uses laser light to measure distance. Its traditional uses are to collect topographic (elevation) information about the Earth’s surface, riverbeds, and seafloors from airborne platforms including airplanes and helicopters. The sensed distances, in combination with location and other orientation data, create a dense point cloud of elevation points. Outputs are digital elevation models, vegetation canopy models, and even 3D building models. Many applications use...
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  • What is LIDAR, and Why Does It Matter to Business?